Cullasaja Falls


[photo by Fred Dunn]

Cullasaja Falls is about 9 miles west of Highlands, NC on the left of Highway 64. Cullasaja Falls is part of the Cullasaja River in the lower part of the Cullasaja Gorge. Cullasaja Falls is 150 ft high and is a part of the Mountain Water Scenic Byway.

For the most part, Cullasaja Falls is only visible from the road. There is a small pull off on the left side of the road but only supplies room enough for a couple of vehicles to stop at a time. For your safety and that of other motorists on Highway 64, it is suggested that you go past the pull off to turn around prior to parking.

For the more skilled climbers, there is a very steep and dangerous 1/2 mile foot trail leading down to the falls. During times of high precipitation, humidity, or freezing conditions, this trail can be very dangerous to maneuver. Wet rocks become slippery and can cause even the most experienced climber to slip and fall with just one wrong step. During times of high rain, the flow of the Cullasaja River increases, causing more spray from the falls. This spray can create wet and slippery conditions, even on a sunny day. If you choose to take the foot trail, we at Highland Hiker ask that you please do so cautiously.

Due to the path of the river, you can only see Cullasaja Falls one section at a time unless viewing the falls from high above.